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About Green Gold Stores

The rise of Chhota Bheem has been a marvel in the making. In five years time he has taken over the reign & leadership among the animated toons in India.

This sensational character has been entertaining more than 40 million children across the length & breadth of the country along with courting fans across the globe. Along the way, Chhota Bheem has been instrumental in the growth of the merchandising & licensing division of Green Gold, which has been churning out loads of products for Chhota Bheem fans.

Green Gold Store is a perfect domain, which creates a solid connect with the fans. Its a one-stop-shop for all Chhota Bheem products along with exciting merchandise of Mighty Raju, Arjun, Krishna Balram, Chorr Police & Luv Kushh.

Green Gold Store will be a sought after address in the retail space & a destination store for the growing number of fans. This would be the right choice for an entrepreneurial start up with the backing of a live & kicking brand called Chhota Bheem.

Green Gold Stores are modeled on a franchisee concept & this concept is an opportunity shared withfor the entrepreneurs in India, who would like to be associated with Green Gold. It's an opportunity put forward to be join hands with the most lovable Character today in India "Chhota Bheem".



  • Partnership with a brand called 'Chhota Bheem' which has a powerhouse demand in India among the kids.
  • A store that keeps all the products & merchandises, which is branded with the toon icon 'Chhota Bheem'. The products range from back to school, apparels, stationaries, accessories, gifts, novelties, home decor, books, home videos, foot wears, cycles etc.
  • A competitive business proposition, backed with promotions & schemes for the business partners & customers.
  • Easy to do interiors at minimal costs.
  • Billing system from a reputed company with service back up.
  • Creative & artwork support for advertising & publicity.
  • Being the sales partner, when the company participates in large scale events.
  • Minimal dead stock in a 12 month selling cycle.



  • Layout & design of the store.
  • Chhota Bheem mascot activity for the launch & other important events.
  • Chhota Bheem mannequin for customer attraction
  • Store set up with product & merchandise for the launch.
  • Training & support on billing software.
  • Creative & artwork support for all localized publicity.
  • Being the sales partner, when the company participates in large scale events.
  • Frequent promotions & schemes supported with POS for local execution.



  • Minimum area requirement for the store is 300 sq feet.
  • Location of the store should be in a market/ shopping area, commercial street, large residential area, arterial roads with a high footfall ratio.
  • The store should have a clean visibility with no obstructions.
  • The store can be owned or rented.
  • The franchise opportunity is open to any city/town in India.
  • Estimated Capital Requirement for a Green Gold Store
  • Franchisee set up cost including franchisee fee, initial stock, interior designing & making, infrastructure, store set up & launch activities.
  • Tier 1 city : Rs 14,00,000.00*
  • Tier 2 city : Rs 12,00,000.00*
  • Tier 3 city : Rs 10,00,000.00*

Location: The most important criteria of setting up a Green Gold Store is the location. The address must be easily accessible, easy to find, should have clear visibility with zero obstructions & should be at a place, which has high footfall like malls, high street, market area, main/ key roads & areas which have high concentration of children & schools.

Interiors: The layout of Green Gold Store interior is simple & easy to do. The design is a mix of glass shelves & plywood racks which are laid to display all the products added with an exciting display of the character arrangements & patterns for highlight. Proper lighting both internal & external at the store is essential. Storage space for stocks is allocated with drawers at the bottom & top of the racks. Additional storage allocation & provision of sitting arrangements for the customers would be an added advantage.

Additional infrastructures: Air conditioning, billing counter with a computer, scanner, printer, telephone & internet connection are a necessity.

ERP Software: Green Gold has tied up with Ray Media, which provides the ERP software for billing at Green Gold Stores. This software comes with all the basic requirements of billing, inventory management & sales analysis.

Important Documents: Company registration, VAT/TIN registration, pan card, shop act license, shop agreement & franchisee agreement are critical & necessary documents required to initiate the deal & regularize the entire business process.

Staff: Smart & customer friendly counter sales personals would be an immense asset to a Green Gold Store in pushing sales & grow revenues. The counter personals are given a uniform by Green Gold, which they need to wear when at the store.

Database Management: The success of a Green Gold Store also rests on proper maintenance of customer database. The business partner & the counter staff should record all the customer information in a register. The information can be used to promote schemes, information of new products & new developments at the Green Gold Store.



The important points of action to set up the Green Gold Store are mentioned below

  • Party to sign the LOI (Letter of Intent) after principally agreeing to the concept & commercials.
  • Party to search for shops as briefed by the Green Gold representative with options.
  • Green Gold representative & party to finalise the shop & location mutually.
  • Party to share the measurements & photographs of the shop for design work.
  • Party to initiate the process for a new company formation or share the required documents for an existing company to initiate the agreement between Green Gold & party.
  • Party to remit the franchisee fee along with the fee for the ERP software. Note the ERP software will be paid directly to the third party.
  • Green Gold to initiate the designing process & share the same with Party along with the color details.
  • Party to initiate the construction of the store with local carpenters/ architects.
  • Green Gold & Party to mutually finalize the launch date of Green Gold Store.
  • Party to pay the amount for initial stock once 50% work on interiors are done.
  • Party to send the required documents to Green Gold who will arrange the stock dispatch from Hyderabad warehouse.
  • Party to share the measurements for internal branding before interiors are done.
  • Party to start the publicity of the Green Gold Store a week before the launch date by use of handbills, posters, banners, press advertising, social medias etc.
  • Green Gold representative to visit the store prior to the launch date to set up the store, install the billing software & training.
  • On the launch date Chhota Bheem mascot activity is conducted by Green Gold.





What is a Green Gold Store?
Green Gold Store is a kid's shop, which houses all the original products & merchandises of Chhota Bheem, Mighty Raju, Krishna Balaram, Chhor Police & Luv Kush. All the products are sourced by Green Gold Licensing & Merchandising (I) Pvt Ltd.

What is the area required to open a Green Gold Store?
The minimum area required for opening a Green Gold Store is 300 sq ft.

Where can I open a Green Gold Store?
Green Gold Store can be opened in any location, which has good footfall, good visibility &/or high concentration of children & schools. The location can be a shopping mall, high street, market area, key roads etc.

Can I open a Green Gold Store in my house?
Green Gold Store cannot be opened or operated from the house. It needs to be a commercial establishment.

Do I need retail experience to open a Green Gold Store?
Prior or formal training in retail management is not a prerequisite. Focus & dedication are the key requirements & most importantly the love for the brand 'Chhota Bheem'.

Can I have my own design layout for Green Gold Store?
All Green Gold Stores have a standard design & layout which will be provided by the company.

Can I keep other brands in the Green Gold Store?
Other brand, service, product or commodity cannot be kept in Green Gold Store. Only products & merchandises supplied by Green Gold or its authorized suppliers can occupy space in the Green Gold Store.

Can I get a monopoly in my city?
There’s no policy regarding the monopoly to a particular party for a city. We are looking at multiple stores if there is a good market & demand for the products. But we keep a minimum distance of 3 km. between each store. We encourage existing franchisees to open multiple stores in the city if there is good response.

Can I get a discount on the commercials?
There are no discounts on the commercials. The rates given are competitive & as per market standards.

Is there a return policy for stocks which does not sell?
Yes there is a return policy for stock, which does not sell. You can return the stock after nine months with prior permission & approvals from Green Gold.

What is the most important factor to consider while opening a Green Gold Store?
The most important factor to be considered while opening a Green Gold Store in location. One has to see that the location has clean visibility, good footfall, easy accessibility & centrally located. This will help the franchisee to maintain good sales for a long period. Its also recommended to do a survey/ research/ market analysis of the location & area.

Chhota Bheem is famous today. What happens after the craze for Chhota Bheem is over?
The craze of Chhota Bheem is going to be there for a long time to come & this is supported by introducing new series & work on theatrical movies every year. Green Gold is primarily an animation company & there will be more characters getting introduced as per market feedback & demand. Mighty Raju is such a product which was introduced in 2012 & has garnered a fan following. Likewise, there are other concepts & characters, which are getting developed & will get introduced in time.

What are the local activities which I can do?
Some of the local initiatives that are easy to execute & cost effective are - Leaflet distribution in newspaper & market areas at regular interval, tie up with schools to promote the products & store address, participate in local exhibitions & events, local tie up for cross promotions.

Who takes care of marketing & promotion of Green Gold Stores?
The marketing & promotion at local level would be taken care by the franchisee. The franchisee has to initiate & implement contact programs in key localities, markets, residential areas in the city to drive in the customers. Green Gold will help the initiatives by means of creative support, mascot activities, promotional ideas/ games etc.
Marketing & promotional events on a national scale will be taken care by Green Gold like newspaper/ television advertising, large scale events, national tie ups etc.

What if my Green Gold Store is not running successfully?
Every business involves a certain amount of risk. In case the Green Gold Store is performing below standards, Green Gold will support with mascot activity, PR activity, BTL activations & suggest schemes & promotions to implement with equal participation from the franchisee. Change of store location can also be recommended if walk-in customers are low.

Is there an exit policy?
Yes there is an exit policy. The franchisee & Green Gold can give a one month notice & exit the agreement.


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